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Minwoo… no


[Star Phone Case] Boyfriend Limited Edition Korea Open Anniversary Greetings ~

Limited Edition Korea ( the formal contract with publicity and copyright to each agency stars (actors, singers, broadcasters, athletes, etc.) Pictures of the provided editing tools developed by using sponsor logo and limited edition number (한정판 번호) to fans around the world to give direct customizing (커스터마이징) can receive a delivery of the service star phone case.

Cr: 리미티드에디션코리아 | Via: GirlFriend  @-}—

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the fact sulli actually has to take a break from all the haters and rumors and disrespectful shit is so disheartening bc she literally hasnt done anything wrong and deserves to be happy 


‘who’s that on your phone wallpaper?’ dONT WORRY

Lee Jeongmin, we know the answer you don’t have to be so obvious

of airport fashion; kwangmin

[HD Pic Release] 140721 YOUNGMIN at Gimpo Aiport from HongKong

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