141002 Boyfriend Twitter Update ~

Boyfriend, 'WITCH' concept public… Red Riding Hood + Smokey ‘fatal’ # Boyfriend # WITCH 


The shocking comeback of Boyfriend for the thrid mini-album image concept (WITCH) at the time of disclosure.

In the past days they showed in Boyfriend’s Official Twitter, the concept image for the comeback of the third mini-album (WITCH).

For the concept image, Boyfriend members are wearing a red hood to show off the fatal attraction combined with strong smokey eyes makeup to captivate your attention.

The Agency, Starship Entertainment said “Boyfriend third mini-album has the theme of '빨간두건(LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD)' that will be developed through telling an exciting story with the music, and the music video in addition to the performance based on a kitsch yet hypnotic sensibility. We are preparing this comeback to be in a high scale with an epic music video. We made the shooting in overseas for the sub-title song completing the ‘Witch’ album perfectly” they expressed with a strong confidence.

Internet users are talking about it “Savagely hit fairytale concept! full expectation”, “Sexy Potential from pictorial, this time you know that something big is coming,”For the Witch title, I have a sentation of excitement.” “Seems to be shot taste right.” “I’m really curious” they showed this kind of reaction giving various hot comments.

The final preparation is ahead of the release of Boyfriend’s third mini-album ‘Witch’ is coming for the 13th.

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Trans by me ;D


person: “hey can i have some of your food?”


does starship think that this is a game that they can play with us like that do they

sometimes I just stop and realize that my bias really exist and is alive doing something somewhere he’s not just a image he’s a real person I neED some time I might cry